Consilium Global Research (CGR) is the bridge between companies and investors. To improve our clients' market valuation, increase trading activity and lower cost of capital, we provide a thorough and objective company analysis, distributed throughout the institutional and retail investment communities, one-on-one meetings with targeted investors, and relevant advisory services.


Our Mission

The Value of Research

What is the value of equity research?  For all intents and purposes, it is recognition – recognition by investors and decision makers who purchase securities.  Compared with uncovered peers, companies with equity coverage exhibit greater market valuations, greater trading activity and realize a lower cost of capital.  A recent study published in the Financial Analysts Journal (FAJ) indicates that the capital markets discount companies lacking recognition by more than one third, resulting in a higher cost of capital.

The Information Divide

Wall Street research has become focused on large, very liquid stocks and ignores the majority of listed companies (more than 60% of which have no coverage).  To some degree, this was always the case, but the environment has deteriorated due to industry consolidation, regulatory changes (delinking banking and research among others), and the decline in trading commissions (which subsidized research) by approximately 50% over the last several years. Wall Street firms responded by increasing their focus on the larger, more lucrative stocks. Consequently, the time and expense management teams of public companies must commit to finding potential investors has increased considerably. 

The paradox of this situation is that the value of equity research has increased, but traditional models cannot accommodate the need in the current environment.

CGR Bridges the Information Divide

CGR seeks to bridge the exposure gap by providing our clients the kind of visibility that leads to greater trading volumes and market cap appreciation.  CGR’s model provides our clients’ information to the broadest audience possible, at a very reasonable cost (particularly compared to traditional IR fees).  Unlike many “paid-for” firms, CGR assigns a senior analyst with over 10 years experience to cover clients and our likewise experienced institutional salespeople arrange targeted management meetings and contact. With a tailored CGR research and access program, the exposure multiple is dramatically larger and cost effective, versus “paid for research” and IR firms. 


Consilium (Latin) /koːn' v,   7. Deliberation: formal consultation or discussion
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