Consilium Global Research (CGR) is the bridge between companies and investors. To improve our clients' market valuation, increase trading activity and lower cost of capital, we provide a thorough and objective company analysis, distributed throughout the institutional and retail investment communities, one-on-one meetings with targeted investors, and relevant advisory services.


Access & Advisory Services

Investor Access

Consilium’s experienced sales force will provide your company with direct investor exposure via targeted one-on-one institutional investor meetings, retail broker network conference calls hosted by the covering CGR analyst, and investor conferences hosted by Consilium and or our network partners.

Corporate Communications

CGR provides corporate communications services, including: media training, roadshows, story pitching, press release distribution, communication plans for significant events, strategic reputation management, and website, marketing and social media consulting.

Access to Capital

CGR has an extensive network of capital market contacts, which are available to those companies who need access to capital at whatever stage of their lifecycle. From merchant banks, to private equity and quality investment banks, CGR can recommend an appropriate fit.

Capital Markets Advisory

CGR’s experienced management team and analysts have extensive industry knowledge and can examine your company from the investor’s point of view. After thorough analysis, we will advise on how best to present your company to increase investor interest.

Shareholder Services

Through network partners, CGR can assist in shareholder services including: stock transfer, 144 restricted stock, corporate stock repurchase, employee stock option plans, managed accounts for executives, and 401k and retirement plans.


Consilium (Latin) /koːn' v,   3. Counsel: advice, opinion or instruction given in directing the judgement or conduct of another
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